Just started watching ef - a tale of melodies ^_^

So far I've only seen two eps but I'm kind of getting the feeling
that it's not going to be as good as tale of memories.
It seems too reliant on flashbacks this time around, which detaches
you from the storyline and makes it feel clumsy, it still have some
of the animation goodies they had in tale of memories aswell which
keeps it up for me so far. It seems that this season will deal with
the relationship between Yuu and Yuuko, who in tale of memories was
more like mysterious guiding sidecharacters so it's fun to finally
get some backstory to them, but it's annoying that it comes in the
way it does: short flashbacks.
The music so far is ok, not as good as in memories.
I'll still watch it though and later make a review when it's finished

Other than that I reinstalled Fallout today ^_^
I was thinking that I'll play through fallout 1+2 and Arcanum since
It was a while since I played them :D
Tomorrow it seems that I'll be getting materials for a cosplay that
I'll wear on tuesday on the animeclubs cosplay parade
(promotion event for the gameweek so game related costumes has been
reguested) I've decided on the game but not entirely on the
character yet... you'll see on tuesday xD