Mega Happy ^_^

Today I made a really sweet deal ^_^
I traded some UFS cards and helping a guy build his deck
(UFS is a collectible card game named Universal Fighting System)
for the first Megatokyo book :D

for those who don't know, MegaTokyo is the first webcomic I started to read, and I'm still reading it ^_^
it's also my favorite webcomic, of the about 20 I'm currently reading
and I've felt that even if I have three t-shirts and a pack of buttons
I still don't have any of the books...
today that was fixed, which makes me mega happy :D
it's really fun to read the beginning again, and with added comments
from Gallagher it's even better than I remebered it to be and there is
also the whole "early sketches" section and stuff like that ^_^

tomorrow I'll be roleplaying again ^_^
Warhammer 40k Dark heresy, starting by recreating our characters since the sheets have been lost >.<
on the upperhand of that, it seems my psyker will lose some insanity in the process... which is a big thing seeing that I'm almost famous in the group for my repeated failing in sanity checks xD


My bag ^_^ and other stuff

Inspired by Nomad, who in turn was inspired by DannyChoo
This is what's in my bag ^_^

the outside

small compartment

middle compartment

big compartment
(though the boardgames seldom are in my bag, they were today)

I also was at the anime club today (why I brought the boardgames)
had lots of fun, playing Tekken 5 and Frag ^_^
as well as socializing with others (not a Hikky yet! XD)

tomorrow I'll have to rewrite my CV so it's done on thursday
and on thursday I'm going to a recruitment exibition ^_^
so hopefully my days of being NEET will end :D

as I got home my foot started hurting... and this is what I found >.<

a big effing blister >.<


back again ^_^

Just realised I havn't updated for 2 weeks...
and I'm sorry 'bout that, so I'll try (again) to be more active ^_^
lately I've been doing nothing at all mostly...
becoming more and more of a hikky :(
today I overslept for going to to the employment agency... again.
also went to the anime club... or so I thought until I realised
more than halfway there that it's Monday, not Tuesday >.<
so I went home again... did some net quizzes at BBspot

Have also finished watching Gankutsuou now so here's a review ^_^

It's a really good anime based on the classical novel
"The count of monte cristo" by Alexandre Dumas
But in an interesting sci-fi environment that somehow keep
connected to nineteenth century France despite spacetravel and
a festival on the moon.
The animation is quite special, but I enyoyed it alot ^_^
as for the story, if you haven't read or seen the count of monte cristo
it's a dark story of love, hate, greed and revenge.

Story: 10
Animation: 8
Sound/Music: 9
Characters: 9
Overall 9/10

currently watching "Ginban Kaleidoscope"

going to try and get up in time tomorrow >.>