more images from the anime club ^^

(click images for higher quality)

I'll start with the videogames room

Now the karaoke room (the song is the Katamari Damacy theme XD)

Time for the anime room (currently showing "Jojo's bizarre adventure")

and the café

videogame room when abit more crowded ^_^

Tried to get a good group photo

Me and a couple of others playing Munchkin
(Munhkin Fantasy (and expansions 2&3), Bites and Fu... with the Epic rules)
(the game took about 3 hours btw XD)

and lastly the videogamedancing room (when empty since I took the photo after closing time >.<)
(appearantly the flash was on... witch is pretty bad when photographing a projected image...)

Next time I show this room, I'll make it a video (=no damn flash) and perhaps even showing me playing it :P


My path to becoming an otaku

First of all, I want to point in the direction of Sandbar's path to otakudom

When reading this blog I thought it'd be fun to share my own path to where I am today.
I was born in a small village called Moholm in the middle of Sweden.
In my earliest days I slept alot... and in wierd places (for example in a shoe shelf, behind the TV, under my bed).
I was quite a normal kid (well except being an allergic but whatever), played soccer and so on.
Then I moved to Skara (at the age of 6), and started to get bullied in pre-school.
As soon as I learned how to read, I was hooked... I read ALOT.
We also got a SNES during this time, which was a common way for me to pass time.
after a while we moved to Gothenburg, where I continued to get bullied through elementary school.
Here I got into Fantasy litterature by reading "Bilbo" at the age of 9.
By this time I started to get quite introverted due to the bullying, meaning I spent ALOT of time reading fantasy books.
By the age of 13 I was getting deeper into Gaming and started to hear about "roleplaying games"
When I was 15 I had read over 200 fantasy books, and became a member of a fantasy community, where I learned even more about roleplaying games..
I also went to my first convention, a gaming convention where I also played my first roleplaying game :D
This is also where I changed school to a private school, and thereby also ending my time of being bullied ^_^
In my new class I befriended some people who played Magic the Gathering, who also introduced me to Manga and Anime...
though by this time I didn't have ADSL, so I was quite limited to manga wich was easily accessed via the local library (which basically meant Ranma½, Inu-Yasha, Fushigi Yuugi, Appleseed and NGE) ^_^
at the age of 16 I went to my first anime convention, which was a whole new world of awesome... I also got ADSL during this time, which meant I started to watch more anime.
This is also when I stared to watch more "heavy" anime (such as "welcome to the NHK" "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and "Great Teacher Onizuka") due to recommendations from more experienced otakus and got more of an interest for Japanese culture and society.
I also played my first eroge around this time "Sagara Family" by ZYX (quite good company)
About the same time as I turned 18 I joined my anime club.
Later I found Anime-Planet, and from there I've been learning more and more, joined ISSUP (the International Society for the Studies of Ummm... Pervertedness)
and even later started this blog ^_^
...And thats where I am today


Anime club

It seems that alot of people I talk to are intrested in the fact that I go to an anime club at tuesday every week, mostly because they wonder what happens in one.
So today I was thinking I'd share what happens in mine ^_^

The club I'm going to is called hikari-kai (hikari = light kai = club)

and we're not strictly an anime club but more of an "East-asian-culture" club

well, this is (most of) the members of the club

(photo was taken during the annual gala night)

this is our mascot

anyhow... what we do at Hikari-kai...
Every week at tuesday we gather at a meeting place in the centrum of Gothenburg.
It used to be anime on odd weeks and games on even weeks, but since it has grown so much we now have both every week ^_^

We either sit and watch anime at the big screen near the clubs café (which sells stuff for non-profit prices ^_^)

Or play different TV-games in the middle room, which is also a "random socialising" room where people hang around and glomp eachother XD

then we have the Karaoke room (where people sing karaoke)
and the Dance Dance Revolution (a.k.a. videogame dancing) room
(( which is where I tend to be :P)which has good pads and a projector)
and also, we have a room where people play cardgames and boardgames and so on (where I also can be spotted quite frequently)

Oh, and I probably won't be able to update for three days, since I'm going on a roleplaying meet ^^


Just finished watching ef - a tale of memories ^_^

So, last night I was up completing ef - a tale of memories...
It's quite deep for being based on a eroge (or two actually)
touching topics such as:
what defines personality
what is love (a quite obvious topic, but anyway)
what is a dream
how far should one go to keep the image of love

The characters though being very eroge-ish had quite a lot of depth to:
(though I won't go into it too deeply, so that I don't spoil it)

Hiro Hirono
A student who is trying to make it as a mangaka, main character of the main storyline. He's quite a laidback character who takes every day as it comes.

Miyako Miyamura
A very carefree character with a dark past... a typical case of depressed person trying to hide it by putting on a mask of happiness.

Kei Shindō
Childhood friend of Hiro, with a bad case of jealousy, one of the few anime characters I've seriously wanted to kill... by strangling her with her own spine.

Renji Asō
Main character of the second storyline, a very caring person with big ideals.
(and a hairdo that reminds me of Chiaki from minami-ke XD)

Chihiro Shindō
Main female character of the second storyline, she's Keis twin and due to a tragic accident (cased by Kei I might add) have chosen to isolate herself from the world... Until she meets Renji that is...
This is my favorite character in the series BTW ^_^

Kyōsuke Tsutsumi
A player and talented photographer, who's searching to capture the fleeting moments of emotions, so that they won't fade away.

I really liked this anime, and even though it's a very obvious eroge adaption, it has several elements that separates it from the bunch, mainly the artistic touches and the psychologic/philosophic elements
RATING: 9/10

Since it's the best anime based on eroges I've ever seen


sorry for the absence

So, first of all, I'm sorry for being absent the last almost four days...
I was on a LAN with a couple of friends (the new roleplaying group) :D
It was a very retro LAN, playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Unreal Tournament 2004,
Serious Sam the first encounter, Fallout Tactics and System Shock 2. ^_^

I've started to learn how to play Immaterial and Missing Power (Touhou fighting game)
and just downloaded Scarlet Weather Rapsody (the second fighting game in the Touhou series)

Also my bicycle broke, after lending it to my brother ONCE, it broke...
Just hope it's covered by the warranty, or I'm screwed.
I've still been procrastinating the emplyment agency, but tomorrow I WILL go.

The anime front has been going slow, but I recently started watching "ef- a tale of memories" and it seems really good... Though the fact that it's based on a eroge is quite obvious XD

My oldest friend (as in I've known him since birth, and maybe even before XD ) just started a blog too (here it is)

Oh, and I've found some pics from when I graduated ^_^

My class going out of the building

appearantly graduating means becoming a christmas tree :P

When I'm home again, and get my bicycle :D


another one

Thats my brother in the back, eating a cookie :D

After my friends graduation party


somewhat drunk atm...

So.. My friend graduated today... or rather yesterday.
Ofcourse this was to be celebrated, with serbian cuisine (meat with meat on top XD) and alcohol... lots of alcohol.
later, we went into town and went to another friends class's graduation party... with more alcohol, and of course dancing with random people at a dancefloor.
while dancing I heard my brother saying "that guy???, that's my little brother"
and thought: "nice, some chicks are talking about me :D"
later I heard the reason...
appearantly, I'm "the wierd dude" and that's not in a good way I'm afraid >.<

Also, what happened the day before yesterday (since I didn't post anything that day)... I bathed at a lake (first outdoors bath of the year :D ) with my new roleplaying group.. and after awhile realised there was a hole in my bathing pants... in the worst possible way >.< (=something sticking out through it...) and then going roleplaying... which first interupted by tramdriver yelling "no bicycles on the tram" meaning I had to actually bicycle my way there (which took about 30 minutes of hard work, instead of 10 minutes of rest)... The roleplaying was quite fun though, except it got kind of whacky... for example my character was dressed like this: Photobucket
and had a bowl with a rose in it for weapon XD
(and later succeeded in summoning a bunch of demons which he had no control what so ever over >.<)

anyhow.. I'm still kinda drunk atm, so there might be some editing after sobering up XD


Good stuff ^_^ , and Less Good stuff >.<

Today has been a very good/bad day...
I have a new bicycle wich I used today = good
I forgot my waterbottle at home when going = bad
I have a lot of freetime being a NEET = good
I have nothing to do with all my freetime = bad
I started this blog 2 days ago and have already gotten readers and comments = good (thank you for reading and commenting ^^)
I'm already getting the problem of "what shall I write for today... *brainfart*" = bad
I'm getting more sleep = good
I sleep a little too much = bad
It seems my randomness has started to increase again = good/bad (your choise really :P)
It seems like I'm getting more friends IRL and online = good
I've been procrastinating the employment agency = bad
I got lots of money when graduating = good
I don't have an income, so they are dissapearing in an alarming pace = bad
I recently joined another roleplaying group = good
I think I just pissed off the GM of said group = bad

So currently my life seems like a giant Yin-Yan of good and bad stuff...
Is this what they call Karma or something???


Just finished watching Dennou Coil TT_TT

well, as a NEET I do have free time :P so I thought I'd use it to catch up on my anime watching.
this night I finished Dennou Coil, and it was one of the most touching series I've ever watched.
Truly a BEUTIFUL end. Though unlike ani-rec Im not sure if I'd put the tag "family friendly" on it, due to later episodes... Early episodes are definitly family friendly, but I wouldn't show the last 10 or so to kids.
and as an example to how touching it is... I cried during the last episodes, and I almost can't remember the last time I cried before this...



I guess it's a good idea to start off with an introduction:
Well, I'm an otaku (nerd/geek) from Sweden known as "Jensling".
I'm writing this blog so that I can vent on different stuff that's happening, as well as to rant about being an otaku in Sweden.
The things that I nerd the most about are anime, manga, many different forms of gaming, and litterature.
Recently I graduated from upper secondary school (last friday).
Which means that I'm currently a NEET (Not currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training) :'(
meh, at least i'm not a hikikomori :D