Sometimes you just can't get inspired, sometimes you just don't have the energy or the time, or maybe even just forget about things...
My writing has been a very sporadic thing, and I know that when I try to pressure myself into writing, I will most likely just stare at the blank space until I just can't anymore.

Sometimes you meet people, inspired people.. and that inspiration passes over to you, which is one of the reasons I now sit here, writing again.

I could probably write a bigass post about what has happened since...
5th of April last year (when I last updated this blog), but I won't...

I will shorten it into the following sentences:
2009 was a year when I opened up to love again (the girl who got my valentines choclate), got rejected (though never definitly) until my love for her died of natural causes during the winter (in a very non-dramatic way).
It was also a year when I worked alot with my social life, started going out partying more, meet more people,
talk to people whom I wasn't sure would accept me.
It was a year when I didn't get much done in terms of geekyness (only visited one convention, didn't LARP a single time (though I prepared for many xD), didn't read much books or watch much anime)
but did do alot for geek-societies
(though I got too invloved in way too many boards)
I started school again (general studies to prepare for Uni) through wich I had my first travel outside scandinavia ^_^
(went to Hamburg with my english class)
It was a good year, with many experiences both good and bad.
A year where personal growth has been going strong.


2010 started out perfect, some people I first met at a club
(or rather on the tram on the way to a post-club party)
became really good friends of mine, they still introduce me to alot of new people and places
(since they are abit more outgoing than me)
I have left almost all societyboards (all exept one, as well as becoming part of a new one) so that I now have more time to actually enjoy things ^_^
I have slowly (but steadily) gotten more selfesteem as well as becoming more outgoing, though I still tend to blame my earlier experiences (or lack thereof in some cases) for my introversion it feels good to know that I can pull my self out of it and be stronger.
I have now moved out of my mothers, got an apartment just a month ago with a friend of mine.

Next post will be about my latest travel
when I went to Nice with my english class


WOAH! it's an update!

well, that new years resolution sure did fail quickly >.<
uhmmmm, it is now that I'm finally trying to update again that I realise how much that have actually happened so far during the year.

made some chocolate for Valentines ^_^

I also realise I never actually showed what I did cosplay as, so here it is.

(to the far left: classic handheld Tetris console)

and here is a pic of the whole parade ^_^

So what has happened since last time you heard of me?
well, I've been looking for a job, went to some classes in "getting a job", I've been elected as secretary for my anime club, started a gaming club, gotten elected as secretary for said gaming club, I've played lots and lots of Street Fighter 4.

My main <3

In other news, I've cut my hair very recently

I miss my additional ~15 cm of hair, it feels so short now TT_TT

Going on a LAN mon-fri, might go to another one fri-sun xD
Will update during the lan ^_^; (I hope)


Happy New Year

I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a while.
and to make up for that I'm going to update at least once a week from now on, and have a goal of updating daily ^_^
Last year ended with a bang, now to see if 2009 can keep up :D
(though I hope it will slow down a little)

some pics of my new years eve ^_^

How was your new years eve?


Just started watching ef - a tale of melodies ^_^

So far I've only seen two eps but I'm kind of getting the feeling
that it's not going to be as good as tale of memories.
It seems too reliant on flashbacks this time around, which detaches
you from the storyline and makes it feel clumsy, it still have some
of the animation goodies they had in tale of memories aswell which
keeps it up for me so far. It seems that this season will deal with
the relationship between Yuu and Yuuko, who in tale of memories was
more like mysterious guiding sidecharacters so it's fun to finally
get some backstory to them, but it's annoying that it comes in the
way it does: short flashbacks.
The music so far is ok, not as good as in memories.
I'll still watch it though and later make a review when it's finished

Other than that I reinstalled Fallout today ^_^
I was thinking that I'll play through fallout 1+2 and Arcanum since
It was a while since I played them :D
Tomorrow it seems that I'll be getting materials for a cosplay that
I'll wear on tuesday on the animeclubs cosplay parade
(promotion event for the gameweek so game related costumes has been
reguested) I've decided on the game but not entirely on the
character yet... you'll see on tuesday xD


H2O - Footprints in the sand

I finished watching H2O yesterday ^_^
so here's a review!

This anime feels very close to ef - a tale of memories
(which has a new season currently airing, got to take a look at that one later :D)
It's based on a eroge, which shows quite much throughout the series,
yet like with ef, I found the characters are really interesting.
the sad part is, if I'd describe what I think makes them interesting
I'd also spoil it alot >.<
I can say as much as they all have interesting backgrounds without spoiling atleast, and while the music and animation wasn't as good as ef-memories the story was really gripping me in very much the same way.

"After a series of unfortunate events, the young Hirose Takuma was rendered blind. In an attempt to reverse his condition Hirose moves in with his uncle in a rural village, and upon his arrival he quickly begins to make new friends. However, Hirose soon discovers that one of his classmates, Hayami Kohinata, is being harshly bullied by her peers for reasons that neither she nor anyone else wants to explain. Even the seemingly honest and gentle Hinata Kagura, who had been doing her best to be friendly and helpful to Hirose since his arrival, acts harshly towards Hayami. Once a mysterious girl bequeaths Hirose with a life-changing gift, he takes it upon himself to help save Kohinata from her loneliness while working to uncover the truth of the situation."
-quoted from anime-planet

I guess you could describe it as a mix between ef-memories and higurashi, but with much less gore and psychos.

Plot: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Animation: 4/5
Ending: 5/5
Total: 9/10