Sometimes you just can't get inspired, sometimes you just don't have the energy or the time, or maybe even just forget about things...
My writing has been a very sporadic thing, and I know that when I try to pressure myself into writing, I will most likely just stare at the blank space until I just can't anymore.

Sometimes you meet people, inspired people.. and that inspiration passes over to you, which is one of the reasons I now sit here, writing again.

I could probably write a bigass post about what has happened since...
5th of April last year (when I last updated this blog), but I won't...

I will shorten it into the following sentences:
2009 was a year when I opened up to love again (the girl who got my valentines choclate), got rejected (though never definitly) until my love for her died of natural causes during the winter (in a very non-dramatic way).
It was also a year when I worked alot with my social life, started going out partying more, meet more people,
talk to people whom I wasn't sure would accept me.
It was a year when I didn't get much done in terms of geekyness (only visited one convention, didn't LARP a single time (though I prepared for many xD), didn't read much books or watch much anime)
but did do alot for geek-societies
(though I got too invloved in way too many boards)
I started school again (general studies to prepare for Uni) through wich I had my first travel outside scandinavia ^_^
(went to Hamburg with my english class)
It was a good year, with many experiences both good and bad.
A year where personal growth has been going strong.


2010 started out perfect, some people I first met at a club
(or rather on the tram on the way to a post-club party)
became really good friends of mine, they still introduce me to alot of new people and places
(since they are abit more outgoing than me)
I have left almost all societyboards (all exept one, as well as becoming part of a new one) so that I now have more time to actually enjoy things ^_^
I have slowly (but steadily) gotten more selfesteem as well as becoming more outgoing, though I still tend to blame my earlier experiences (or lack thereof in some cases) for my introversion it feels good to know that I can pull my self out of it and be stronger.
I have now moved out of my mothers, got an apartment just a month ago with a friend of mine.

Next post will be about my latest travel
when I went to Nice with my english class