Just started watching ef - a tale of melodies ^_^

So far I've only seen two eps but I'm kind of getting the feeling
that it's not going to be as good as tale of memories.
It seems too reliant on flashbacks this time around, which detaches
you from the storyline and makes it feel clumsy, it still have some
of the animation goodies they had in tale of memories aswell which
keeps it up for me so far. It seems that this season will deal with
the relationship between Yuu and Yuuko, who in tale of memories was
more like mysterious guiding sidecharacters so it's fun to finally
get some backstory to them, but it's annoying that it comes in the
way it does: short flashbacks.
The music so far is ok, not as good as in memories.
I'll still watch it though and later make a review when it's finished

Other than that I reinstalled Fallout today ^_^
I was thinking that I'll play through fallout 1+2 and Arcanum since
It was a while since I played them :D
Tomorrow it seems that I'll be getting materials for a cosplay that
I'll wear on tuesday on the animeclubs cosplay parade
(promotion event for the gameweek so game related costumes has been
reguested) I've decided on the game but not entirely on the
character yet... you'll see on tuesday xD


H2O - Footprints in the sand

I finished watching H2O yesterday ^_^
so here's a review!

This anime feels very close to ef - a tale of memories
(which has a new season currently airing, got to take a look at that one later :D)
It's based on a eroge, which shows quite much throughout the series,
yet like with ef, I found the characters are really interesting.
the sad part is, if I'd describe what I think makes them interesting
I'd also spoil it alot >.<
I can say as much as they all have interesting backgrounds without spoiling atleast, and while the music and animation wasn't as good as ef-memories the story was really gripping me in very much the same way.

"After a series of unfortunate events, the young Hirose Takuma was rendered blind. In an attempt to reverse his condition Hirose moves in with his uncle in a rural village, and upon his arrival he quickly begins to make new friends. However, Hirose soon discovers that one of his classmates, Hayami Kohinata, is being harshly bullied by her peers for reasons that neither she nor anyone else wants to explain. Even the seemingly honest and gentle Hinata Kagura, who had been doing her best to be friendly and helpful to Hirose since his arrival, acts harshly towards Hayami. Once a mysterious girl bequeaths Hirose with a life-changing gift, he takes it upon himself to help save Kohinata from her loneliness while working to uncover the truth of the situation."
-quoted from anime-planet

I guess you could describe it as a mix between ef-memories and higurashi, but with much less gore and psychos.

Plot: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Animation: 4/5
Ending: 5/5
Total: 9/10


Detroit Metal City

I've been watching Detroit Metal City (or DMC) for a while now.
It's about a timid young guy who wants to play trendy popmusic and moves to Tokyo, where he instead gets recruited as singer/front figure of the deathmetal band DMC which gets insanly popular... hilariousness ensues! xD
by now it's been 10 episodes of 14 minutes each.
It's a "randomness comedy" which means you don't get bothered by the short episodes, since it's built up by really short stories, which makes me think of lucky star which however had a good reason to be split up that way (Lucky Star manga being a 4koma)
Anyhow it's really good and I recommend it to anyone and everyone ^_^
better review will come when the anime is finished...

Edit: just checked the DMC manga and it has really short chapters aswell (not 4koma short though xD) might pick up on reading it actually ^_^.


Gameweek coming up

I Sweden we have something called "the national gameweek"
organised by SVEROK (SVEriges Roll- Och Konfliktspels förbund (=SWEdens Roleplaying- And Conflictgames society))
which basically means that all over the country gaming associations are holding public events to promote gaming and recruit new members as well as getting the hobby out in medias etc.
This year it's week 44 (27th of October to 2nd of November)
and I'll be holding MtG events, UFS events and more for the anime club (which is also a gaming association) and tomorrow we will have a planning meeting ^_^

Today I played some Resident Evil Roleplaying game again :D
went quite good and it was really fun to get back to that character ^_^
on the anime front not much has happened since I've been afk for most of the day, I did however get to try out my new magic deck with satisfactory results xD
also made some modifications on my UFS deck... haven't gotten to try it out yet though >.<
anyhow I've forgotten where I was going with this post... so I'll just go to sleep now xD

comments are always welcome :P


Anime Review: Code Geass

Today I finished watching Code Geass season 2 ^_^
I will however review the series as whole, since that makes more sense to me.
If you've read/watched Death Note you might recognice the main setup:
Very intelligent highschool boy who dislike the state of the world gains mystic power as well as mysterial companion, plots to change the world, battles ensues.
However he has much more character than Yagami Light such as having a personal reason to change the world, a more versatile power (though with a heavier condition).
While the main theme of Death Note is basically
"is killing ok if it's to change the world to a better place?"
I'd say the main theme of Code Geass is basically
"Power corrupts, but also makes the powerless rise to gain it"
unlike in Death Note most characters have alot of depth put into them, aswell as featuring a larger set of recurring characters.
Code Geass also have some elements of mecha, (such as the fact that most battles are fought with giant robots) but more in the style of FMP, where they still play a quite minor role as compared to the character relations.
While it maintains a lighter side to it with a highschool/comedy element it also puts a dark shade over it all as the series progress, shattering relations and in many cases scarring the characters.
very much like FMP had Fumuffo CG has the start of season 2 being very non-serious and full of fanservice, though later it picks up again to become really good.
The best description I can give of this series is probably
"2/5 FMP + 2/5 Death Note + 1/5 Gankutsou"
Something really interesting is that the ending of the first season could very well have been the end of the whole series (though not as finite as the second seasons)

Plot: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Development: 5/5
Animation: 4/5
Ending(s): 5/5
Total: 10/10
I really love this series ^_^

Tomorrow I'll be roleplaying again :D


Stuff... and alot of Magic ^_^

Today I found out that my external HD is terminally broken
Which means I've lost all my music, anime, manga and various other files.
and I can't afford a new one either so I'll have to manage with the 60GB my internal HD has... (compared to the 500GB on my external >.<)
also made a new Magic deck, since I missed the Shards of Alara pre-release and release events (for the first time since Ravnica)
I went and bought a preconstructed deck and a booster
(which with the new packages meant a 41 card precon and two boosters)
went with the Jund shard... which ended in a bit of despair when I open my boosters and find a Godsire and a Behemoths herald in them...
anyhow after some tweaking I now have a Jund deck ^_^
I really like the setting of this set, since I'm very Vorthos like ^_^
and find the flavour of each shards connection to the color pie interesting.
much like I still love the Ravnica block for it's flavourful color depiction.

anyhow.. I feel like I should write something non-magic related stuff too, since I know I can get quite excited when talking about games I like xD

I have decided to keep enough space on HD free to always have one anime series to watch, though since I lost my collection I've picked up a new watching order.
I'll watch through my "watching" list at A-P in alphabetical order for starters then move on to my want-to-watch list and go on recs from thereon.

So I'm currently watching Code Geass season 2


Back home after the con

I've started to fix my room up alittle
So I was thinking "lets post my room now!"
and here it comes:

my pin board

I collect the packages of Japanese candy I've eaten ^_^
(from left to right upper row to lower row)
mini candy boxes flavoured strawberry, mixed fruits and mint
bag of mixed flavour hardcandy
(lime, blackberry and strawberry if I remember correctly)
Pocky: Chocolate, blueberry, green tea and chocolate, orange and chocolate, banana and chocolate, green tea, strawberry, banana (with chocolate flavoured stick) and lastly milk.

origami shurikens and a Haruhi postcard ^_^

Rammstein wallflag ^_^

The entrance

My wall towards the livingroom is made from two large bookshelves.
covered by a Metallica wallflag, a Haruhi poster and a Deathnote poster

My bookshelf... used for storing loads of stuff...

My comics, mangas and figures (Horo <3 <3 <3)

Laptop area and bed ^_^

see ya!

P.S parts not shown are that way for a reason...
I hate cleaning >.<

My external HD recently broke down :'(
all my anime, manga etc is gone >.<


Con report day 3

This time I actually got to sleep until 10 :D
then I unwinded all the controllers, turned all the TVs and consoles on, and played some SF3:third strike ^_^
Soon the room was filled with attendants and I had to go to work again.
Since I knew the tournament bracket program I had to take entries for the SF3 tournament until it started, as well as putting in the results while taking entries for the revived GuiltyGear tournament.. wich however died again due to lack of entries >.<
after the SF3 tournament I was finally going to hold the UFS tournament... wich got canceled since it only had one entrant >_<

SF3 tounament in progress behind elbow >.<
(My cameras diplay is broken, so I missed this while at the con)
So I went back to doing my job again :D
(changing discs etc. so the attendants are happy)
managed to sneak some photos in while working ^_^

SSB corner to the left, GuitarHero to the right

better pic of the smash corner

Me while working xD
(Tag says: "Spelansvarig Crew Jensling" (spelansvarig = games responsible))

Con report day 2

This was probably the most busy day I had.
Up at 9 to start up the videogame room, unwind all the controllers etc.
Ate 3 mazarin buns and drank a bottle of Dr. Pepper for breakfast.
Went to guard the dormitory 11 to 14 but was there until 15:45
Came back at 16 at wich I had to take care of the SSBB tournament and the Guitar Hero tournament at the same time, while also taking entries for the Magic tournament I was going to hold at 20. I was also supposed to hold a GuiltyGearXXAC tournament at 18 wich was however canceled due to malfunctioning disc.
The Magic tournament however went well ^_^
and I finally felt that at least ONE of my tournaments didn't have an accident :D
here's some pics ^_^

I only got eight entrants, but it made it alot easier for me :D

Magic is undoubtly cool if even a maid plays it!

The match with the maid (she plays B/G golgari deck)

The finals were between my assassin deck and "Red deck wins"
the Red deck won >.<
managed to scrounge some money for a cup of ramen for lunch.
after that I was back to work in the videogame room again.
winding controllers, turning TVs and consoles off.
and finally sleep in the Videogame room xD


Con report day 1

Since I'm crew I got there 4 hours before opening just to realise there was alot of work to be done despite most of the crew being there the day before to work out the major stuff.

Most of the crew at the opening ceremony

Assembled a party tent, rigged the DDR room, general stressing to get the first tournament I'm arranging to work/have anywhere to be.
Then just as we're done it's time to open :D
Had to move the first tournament due to bad timing, resulting in no registrations so it'll go to the last day instead.
Then I worked at the videogameroom, changing games for people, fixing technical problems etc. had to cancel the Guilty Gear tournament due to bad disk.
worked some more in the videogame room, and heard luggage storing needed help, so I want there to help for 'bout 30 minutes.
Then back to the videogames until we closed, and I was put on guard duty for the café (meaning sleep in the café locking yourself in).
Bought a Horo figure and a h-manga cheap ^_^

ate two kinds of Pocky I haven't eaten before too :D
Dessert Banana, and Blueberry flavour ^_^


One hour to my Birthday ^_^

Yup, that's right, in one hour I'll become 19 ^_^
and besides from tomorrow being my birthday
I'll be going to a con, Hikari-con which is also the first con I'm part of the arranging team of :D
Right now I'm still doing some preparations, while drinking some tea with my mom, who also have one hour left to her birthday xD


What's happened since last time:

I've played the WH40k roleplaying game two sessions
(my new character is once again the least sane in the group >.<)
Finished Ginban Kaleidoscope (will review at end of post)
Gotten better treatment for my allergy :D :D :D
Played some Resident Evil RPG (though I missed one session :'( )
Started playing some Street Fighter 3: third strike
(Maining Ibuki and Ken... My skills at using a pad sucks though >.<)
Started watching H2O ~ Footprints in the sand
Started playing GURPS (Sci-fi setting, Activist/Hacker character)
which I've played two sessions of now ^_^
Doing some planning for a con this weekend, Hikari-con.
Which is the first con that I'm in the planning group of ^_^
going to hold some tournaments and general helping :D
Started reading up on Shadowrun 4th ed. preparing to GM a campaign
Watched Doomsday :D

Doomsday is a sci-fi post-apocalyptic action movie from 2008
The general set-up is: In Scotland there was a epidemic of the
fearsome "reaper virus". the British government decides to quarantine the whole country by basically rebuilding the hadrian wall, but 30 feet high, and then turn their back on the problem.
Until it breks out in London 27 years later that is...

This movie has it all: Cannibalistic punks, Medieval dawinists,
hot girl with guns, explosions, blood, sword fights.
I love it :D

Ginban Kaleidoscope
Ginban kaleidoscope is about a japanese female figure ice-skater
who during a competition gets possessed by the ghost of a
canadian male aerobatics pilot, who feels and sees everything that she see or feel for 100 days.
Realizing that there's no way fight against the situation, Tazusa and Pete work together to give their best performance in figure skating
while trying to get into the olympics.

In the beginning I thought it was abit boring actually, but the more I watched the more I liked it ^_^
and at the end I thought it was really good. :D