WOAH! it's an update!

well, that new years resolution sure did fail quickly >.<
uhmmmm, it is now that I'm finally trying to update again that I realise how much that have actually happened so far during the year.

made some chocolate for Valentines ^_^

I also realise I never actually showed what I did cosplay as, so here it is.

(to the far left: classic handheld Tetris console)

and here is a pic of the whole parade ^_^

So what has happened since last time you heard of me?
well, I've been looking for a job, went to some classes in "getting a job", I've been elected as secretary for my anime club, started a gaming club, gotten elected as secretary for said gaming club, I've played lots and lots of Street Fighter 4.

My main <3

In other news, I've cut my hair very recently

I miss my additional ~15 cm of hair, it feels so short now TT_TT

Going on a LAN mon-fri, might go to another one fri-sun xD
Will update during the lan ^_^; (I hope)


Happy New Year

I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a while.
and to make up for that I'm going to update at least once a week from now on, and have a goal of updating daily ^_^
Last year ended with a bang, now to see if 2009 can keep up :D
(though I hope it will slow down a little)

some pics of my new years eve ^_^

How was your new years eve?