The caek is not a lie!!

Today is my roommates birthday ^_^
So we made him a caek!


Somewhat of a review of Requiem from the Darkness should be fitting
since I mentioned it earlier ^_^

Requiem from the darkness is about a wandering writer named Momosuke
who collects ghost stories while traveling, and through a twist of fate
ends up experiencing different ghost stories firsthand.
throughout the series the viewer as well as the writer gets a
sightseeing through the darkness of the human mind/soul helped by
the mysterious talisman seller Mataichi and his companions
Ogin the puppeteer and Nagamimi the shapeshifter.
I really liked the visual style of this anime, it's quite unique and
almost makes you believe you're watching a moving painting.

Ít is based on the "Kōsetsu Hyaku Monogatari" novels
by Natsuhiko Kyogoku
who's work is often labled as yōkai novels, though the yōkai themself
seldom show up except as manifestations of the criminal mind.
sadly there are no translated works of his published yet...
but The Summer of the Ubume will be
published by Vertical in April 2009.

Not really scaring though it's a horror anime
but still really good (especially if you like ghost stories) ^_^

and on other news, yesterday I saw Godzilla (the one from 1954)
It was quite good, despite "movie bogus-science" and a quite
anti climatic ending, what's really interesting about it though
is how it made an impact on japanese and actually worldwide
movieproduction ^_^ for an example
George Lucas have said he was inspired
by the Godzilla movie when making the special effects in Star Wars.
It also created a whole new market for special effects in Japan.
which today has led to a whole Otaku subgenre ^_^

This weekend I'll be away playing RPGs ^_^
Might update if I get ahold of internet there
but don't count on it, I've never been to that place before >.<


Been a while...

I know it's been a while since last time I posted
and this is partially me procrastinating,
me getting almost apathic due to lack of work,
me being busy with fighting this apathy
(with gaming, gaming and more gaming)
and lastly, me feeling less motivated due to so few comments.
anyhow, since it's been waay to long since I posted a figure opening

I'm going to do the big final.


the two nendroid petits that were left to open ^_^
especially like the frog mikuru <3

and all my petits :D Mikuru and Konata are favorites <3

the two Figure Meisters that were left to open
especially like Haruhi <3

all my Figure Meisters ^_^ Haruhi and Yuki are favorites <3

and now for the whole collection :D

I've also started up with my anime watching again now
so there might be a review tomorrow.


Sorry I didn't post yesterday, heres a double figure opening!

Figure opening #3

where I left off last time ^_^

Kyons sister!

isn't she just adorable?

and with a cat on her head :P

And since I didn't post yesterday! I'll just open another one now ^_^

Figure opening #4

ooooh, Yuki in swimsuit :D

the white thing is a mirror btw ^_^

as seen here ^_^ (and good view too :P)

looking good ^_^

and one pic without the mirror :D

see you next time ^_^


Finally found some cosplay pics from NärCon

Teaching Magic and Figure opening #2

Today I've teached a friend of mine how to play Magic the Gathering
(though I started yesterday on the train home from the con)
He bought his first deck today however, a red-white preconstructed
(the "Battle blitz" one from Eventide)
and upgraded it with two boosters and some trades.
However I've noticed that I tend to teach others about my geek stuff whenever they don't do something that I however do... for an example I think I've teached 10+ anime geeks MtG at different anime conventions only XD
as well as organised MtG tournaments at almost every anime convention I've been at that didn't already have one
and also at every new class I've been in since I started, I've started MtG groups to play with during breaks, and then recruited more ppl to them by teaching as many as possible...

And now for what I guess most of my readers are waiting for:

where I left off yesterday

ooh, I got Tsuruya

looking cute ^_^

Size comparison...

which Konata immediatly uses to her advantade ;P



Con Report

sadly, there was no internet connection available for the visitors at the con... wich means I couldn't do a day-by-day report on site
and I also had some camera troubles (all fixed by now though)

there were many good cosplays ^_^
(will update as I find pics/vids)
here's a Gears of War cospaly...

playing Dance Dance Revolution XD

Due to procrastination, I could not participate in the cosplay competition
(since it got filled too early and I applied too late)
therefor I'll wait with my cosplay debut until Hikari-Con (10-12 october)

however, I have now bought my first figures ^_^

4 nendroids (3 haruhi, 1 Lucky Star), and 4 Figure Meister
since it's a convention, I got them for a total of about 90 USD

I was thinking I'll open one each day to end my updates with ^^
so here goes the lucky star box

Lucky me! I got the secret Konata cosplaying as Saber!
Tomorrow will be a Figure Meister box ^_^
(then Nendroid, Figure Meister, Nendroid, Figure Master, Nendroid, Figure Master)


Going to a con tomorrow

and it's going to be my cosplay debut ^_^
and the cosplay I'm going to do is...

Hi-mi-tsu :P

But there will be pics, don't worry ;)
or by second thought.... DO worry >:D

since I don't have that much else to say today, here's some pics XD

I'll give you a little hint though :P

tomorrow, the first con report!



Damn it's been long since I updated here >.<
I'm really sorry about that, so this one will probably be a big one.
First of all, a quick update on what's been happening since last time:
I've been to the employment agency, and is now searching a bit more activly.
So far I've applied to be a mailman, but got turned down
next is a café which I'll apply to tomorrow
I've been working at a fastfood stand at a "raggarträff"
(Power Big Meet in Västerås)
and for the first time noone at the "raggarträff" thought I was a girl ^_^
(might be because I didn't shave for a month before it :P)
I've been at a festival as a visitor
(West coast riot in Göteborg)
Wich was great! NOFX, Bad Religion, Flogging Molly and more...
Felt good to be at a festival dedicated to punk ^_^
I've tried singing karaoke
Sang "Nothing else matters" by Metallica, dedicated to people who doesn't know hard rockers can be soft :P
I've started making my own karaoke files
So far I've made a Dia Psalma song and "Hito toshite Jiku ga Bureteiru" (the first OP of Sayonara Zetubou Sensei)
My friend who's writing the reaktor5 blog is moving in with me
which means I've changed room to a bigger one, wich we will share.
I've worked at a fastfood stand at a festival
(Klubb Kaliber Fyller Fem in Mariestad)
Wich was fun ^_^ Going to start listening to Within Temptation who were there
Since I finished ef - a tale of memories, I've finished Ergo Proxy, Full Metal Panic TSR and started watching Gankutsou.
I'll probably update more activly now, just need to "get my thumb out" as we swedes say :P